A Console Table

Pine seem to be the least preferred wood for experienced woodworkers but for a beginner like me, it’s great.

It’s surprisingly cheap and no other wood is even near regarding the price. A 6 ft. board that would fit in my car is just around 2 bucks at Home Depot. For even a big piece of furniture like this, I’d use around 6 of these which would cost me less than 15 dollars for material.

I also love the bright white color and even the wood knots which gives a natural feeling. It’s also soft and once you sand them down, it really feels great on your hands too.

This time I made a console table. Something that we’d put between our dining table to shove all the things too make our dining table clean. It’s also good as a little bit of decorations too.


The build was straight forward as you can see in the structure but for the finish, I really like the polyurethane satin finish so I decided to do the same as the last time but for this time I decided to go with the Triple Thick Polyurethane. It was advertising that it would only need 1 coat compared to the 3 coat which was very appealing. Doing 3 coat just takes so much time since you have to wait around 2 hours between coats meaning it would take around 5 hours just for the application.


I was a little concerned since their claim was too good to be true. And in fact applying the thick 3x Polyurethane was quite challenging since it was too thick and was hard to handle. It was hard to level them out and it seem to be leaving brush marks on the surfaces.

But once it was dried it was indeed thick enough for a single coat and the brush mark wasn’t that bad and most of them did go away as they’ve advertised. “Self-leveling”.

Very happy with the quick finish and I think I would be using this for most of my projects going forward. Quick and easy 🙂

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