A Shoe Rack

My wife typically don’t care about what I do with the woods nor is interested in the results 😦 but this was my first project which she asked me to make 🙂

Not like back in Korea, house in the US don’t have a shoe cabinet which is like a mandatory item in every house and thus the ask from my wife. She needed a shoe rack to organize the increasing number of shoes.

Below is the final outcome. Nothing too fancy and again made out of several of those common wood strips easily found in places like Home Depot. Making them was also straight forward cutting, glueing, routing, sanding, finishing etc…


Something new I’ve tried this time was making a counterbore for the screws and then filling up the holes with wood fillers. And so as you see, there’s no screw heads showing in the side of the rack but filler marks which I actually think is kinda cool 🙂 Next time I plan to use darker wood fillers to make it stand out more and consider them as one of the work’s esthetics.

Working on something for someone is definitely a more rewarding experience and would love to do more of those if there’s an opportunity.

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