A Dining Chair

A dining chair was one of the things I really wanted to make when I first started woodworking. This was the most challenging project up till now and a big milestone for my short woodworking hobby 🙂

Working on this project, I did realize that there’s a long way for me to go regarding overall design, joinery, firmness, accuracy, leveling etc. but definitely learned a lot of tricks here and there.

The highlight of the technique I’ve used was mortise and tenon joinery which I really wanted to learn and I believe it would be a really useful skill I’d use a lot in my future projects.

For material, since this was mostly a practice project I used 2 2x4s which is pretty cheep which wasn’t suitable for furniture. I almost gave up several times during the making but I feel great that I saw the end of this. Despite some of the caveats of this chair I’m really satisfied with the result.


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