A Bedside Table

After my first woodworking project (cutting board), I was on to something a little more complicated. Something that I can call a furniture. A bedside table was a perfect project for such. Small and simple.

I did have to think a little about the joinery and tried different approaches but overall the project was pretty straight forward. For joinery, I first thought about dowel joints but without proper jigs, it was near impossible to align the dowel holes. So I ended up using nails for the side joints and screws for the legs.


I do think it was good enough for a second project but would definitely try out different joinery techniques next time. Somehow, I feel bad when using nails or screws in woodworking projects 😦

For the finish, I used natural Danish oil finish from Watco this time expecting a natural look. But it kinda took away that bright white color of pine and changed it to something yellow-ish as you see below.


I would have to do some more research on wood finishing that would preserve the original bright color but overall very satisfied of the project mostly because I really needed a bedside table 🙂


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