A Cutting Board

My first woodworking project. It had to be simple.

And what else can be more simple than a cutting board.


But although it was simple, I actually got to use various techniques that are the basis of woodworking.

I was able to use a Miter saw to cut the wood strips, a Table saw to cut the board,a Planer to plane the board, a Router to finish up the edges, and a Sander to soften the surface. The tools that I’ve used is most of the tools that I would ever need as a beginner so it was a great experience indeed. I’ve also used glue, clamps and finishing oils so just with these tools and skills you can actually make a lot of things.

For the wood, I’ve assorted various woods(oak, walnut, mahogany, birch, pine, maple etc. so again a good experience to use different wood types too.


Quite pleased with the outcome 🙂 Hope my wife would like it too.

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