A Gift

My friend designed a cute character named Drip. He had been using this character as a base of many interesting projects.

He had been combining them with popular characters like the Super Heroes, Star wars, famous football players etc. And now I wanted to make him a 3d version of it for him as a gift.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 4.59.45 PM.png

I had it all designed in my mind and with a help of my friend teaching me how to use a lathe at his garage, I managed to make something that was quite satisfactory.


First, I’ve laminated several planks of pine and set it up on the lathe like above. It was my first experience on the lathe and it was super fun. Unfortunately, this tool is too dangerous for the woodshop in the office so I really look forward to setup my personal woodshop and set up a lathe of my own. I would make so many things on this!


Final project. Finished it up with drawing the eyes and smile and put a walnut base on the bottom. Hope he likes the final results.

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